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The RefScorer is a handheld device that fits neatly in the palm of your hand.

How it works:

  • Turn the top dials to record the score of the match.

  • H&A Indicates Home & Away teams.

  • Slide the K.O. button to remind you which team had kick off.
  • ​​​​​​​Turn the bottom dials to match the team colours.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ensuring that you never need to go into your pocket again unless you're cautioning or dismising a player.
  • RefScorer reverse - personalise your RefScorer with your own country's flag from the sticker sheet supplied.

Will be available to ship from
July 2017

Delivery Costs:
£1.51 P+P UK
£5.01 Rest of the World

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RefScorer digital -
an absolute game changer in sports watches. It even records the score of the match and the colour of the teams shirts!
Currently under development as at June 2017.
Expected release date: 2018

Proposed Features:
1. 10 pre set start timers: 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 minutes.
2. the ability to count up and also count down elapsed match time.
3. the ability to record the match scores and display the teams shirt colours.
4. 1/100 second stop watch.
5. current/actual time.
6. date, month, year.
7. daily alarm timer.
8. water resistant to 50m.
9. vibration alert (stopwatch, target alarm, daily alarm, hourly time signal).
10. 12/24 hour formats.
11. light up screen.
12. long lasting battery.
​​​​​​​13. ROHS compliance.

​​​​​​​Patent Pending GB 1706726.5


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this neat little book organises all your match day details.

red and yellow cards, along with a pen or pencil, the RefSwriter are neatly housed within, secured by a 'toaster like' spring catch system.

On one side there is a match day sheet to record all the intricate match details that you may need and on the other side there is even a clip attachment to hold your RefScorer!

Currently under development as at June 2017.
Expected release date: Aug / Sept 2017

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The premium leather bound match day Referee wallet available.

The RefSwallet will be provided with red and yellow cards, a RefStuff branded coin and pen or pencil plus a supply of match day record RefSheets.

There is no better match day Referee wallet out there currently available...until now!

Currently under development as at June 2017.
Expected release date: Aug / Sept 2017

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This unique, quirky and innovative product allows you to caution or dismiss a player quickly and easily.

Designed to be only used for small sided fast flowing football games such as 5, 6 or 7-a-side or Junior/Youth/Grassroots football where you do not have a captive audience and where decisions can be made quickly and easily, and ideal for referee's of evening matches where the temperature is often cold.

RefStuff do not recommend using this product for 11-a-side matches at any level as you will have confusion when signalling, particularly for an indirect free kick (IFK).

Right hand = red card.
Left hand = yellow card.
rubberised grip on fingers.
RefStuff and RefSgloves branding on back of hand and finger area.

Available from July 2017

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Details and images to be revealed at a later date.

Currently under development as at June 2017.
Expected release date: Aug / Sept 2018

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RefStuff - Technology that you can count on...

RefStuff - Technology that you can count on...

RefStuff is a new and vast range of innovative sporting products designed to assist with the refereeing, scoring and management of matches, for Referees, Teachers and Sports Coaches around the world.

The range of items have been developed to compliment, aid, enhance and assist Referees, Teachers and Sports Coaches across many sports, particularly Football, Netball, Hockey and Handball and to offer fresh alternatives to other items currently in use.

RefStuff’s flagship item the RefScorer is a hand held device that records the score of the game, whilst even serving as a reminder of the teams colours too, ensuring that you'll never need to go into your pocket again unless you are cautioning or dismissing a player.

Other products currently in development in the RefStuff range include watches, gloves, wallets, game pads, flags, scorecards, notebooks, match sheets and a clothing line, as well as developing the RefScorer to cater for other sports like Basketball, Rugby and American Football.

For more information on RefStuff the brand and the business or the RefScorer and any other products,
in the first instance, please contact Kevin Houghton at info@refscorer.com or call 07951 142 442