Technology that you can count on...

RefStuff is a new and vast range of innovative sporting products designed to assist with the refereeing,
scoring and management of matches, for Referees, Teachers and Sports Coaches around the world.

RefStuff - Technology that you can count on...

The range of items have been developed to compliment, aid, enhance and assist Referees, Teachers and Sports Coaches across many sports, particularly Football, Netball, Hockey and Handball and to offer fresh alternatives to other items currently in use.

RefStuff’s flagship item the RefScorer is a hand held device that records the score of the game, whilst even serving as a reminder of the teams colours too, ensuring that you'll never need to go into your pocket again unless you are cautioning or dismissing a player.

Other products currently in development in the RefStuff range include watches, gloves, wallets, game pads, flags, scorecards, notebooks, match sheets and a clothing line, as well as developing the RefScorer to cater for other sports like Basketball, Rugby and American Football.